Ongoing projects


Donor: European Union

Duration of the project: 48 months

Main objective:

The main objective is to improve access to justice for all especially of vulnerable and marginalized groups of citizens in North Macedonia.

Specific objectives:

  • To facilitate protection against discrimination of marginalized groups of people by providing free legal aid;
  • To raise awareness and promote education on human rights issues;
  • To enhance the access to justice of citizens through monitoring relevant institutions using evidence-based analysis;
  • To advocate proper legislation and policies regarding the human rights protection and rule of law in line with the EU acquis;
  • To strengthen the capacities of the organization in policy monitoring, advocacy and achieving greater organization accountability and competence;

Project activities:

  • Providing Free legal aid to vulnerable and marginalized groups of people (people with low income, people with disabilities, women, LGBTI, Roma etc)
  • Litigation program for cases where evident discrimination practices are noted through preparation of initiatives and requests for protection of human rights before Constitutional Court
  • Monitoring the Judicial Council open sessions and preparation and publishing Monitoring Briefs;
  • Promotion of the IHR professional law journal “Legal dialogue” through publishing calls for submission of papers;
  • Organizing focus groups and surveys about issues on access to justice,
  • Creation of two online course on the IHR Academy for e-learning
  • Publishing yearly policy report on fundamental rights and discrimination in the Republic of North Macedonia that will serve for advocacy and shadow reporting;
  • Development of promotion and visibility products (infographics, videos, GIFs and other visualizations);
  • Trainings for capacity building, investment and development of IHR's potential 

Target groups:

  • Marginalized and vulnerable groups of people,
  • Relevant public institutions,
  • Civil Society Organizations,
  • Legal experts,
  • Teachers and students.
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