Ongoing projects


Coalition “All for Fair Trials” in partnership with the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia (MHC), Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA), Institute for Human Rights (IHR), Citizens’ Association – Institute for European Policy (EPI) and the Center for Legal Research and Analysis (CPIA) will implement the project.

Duration: From 01.07.2019 to 29.02.2020 

Overall goal: Increased influence of CSOs on the process of implementation of the Strategy for the reform of the justice sector (2017-2022) and strengthening the independence and impartiality of the judiciary.

Specific objectives: (1) To evaluate the implementation of the Strategy in relation to respecting the timeframe set by the Action Plan, the transparency of the process, as well as the level of involvement of the stakeholders and the civil sector; (2) To evaluate the quality of the proposed laws and policies, as well as the extent to which the objectives have been achieved; (3) To influence the process of judicial reform through the preparation and submission of evidence-based recommendations for proposed laws and policies and the promotion of public debate

The main activities are in the form of monitoring (monitoring), analysis activities and advocacy activities.

Expected results:

Three quarterly reports assessing the timeliness, inclusiveness and transparency of the implementation of the Strategy for reform of the judicial sector with infographics

  • Two thematic analyzes with the assessment of the quality and applicability of the adopted laws and measures foreseen in the Strategy for Judicial Sector Reform
  • Submission of proposals and comments to NERR for at least six (6) proposal or draft laws covered by the Strategy
  • Making of at least two public policy documents that provide guidance on the changes have been produced
  • Participation in at least four meetings of the Council for monitoring the judiciary reforms and sharing the opinions and attitudes of the group
  • Four briefing thematic briefings were held with journalists regarding the implementation of the Strategy
  • Participation of representatives from the Blueprint Group in at least six (6) working groups for draft proposal of a law
  • Submission of at least one (1) initiative for holding a public debate in front of the working bodies of the Assembly of the RNM
  • Informing the public about the process of implementing the reforms in the judiciary and
  • Increased recognition of the Blueprint Group for the judiciary in the public and among the expert public

Target groups

Direct target groups: Government of RNM, Ministry of Justice, Assembly of RNM, Judicial Reform Monitoring Council, Judicial Council RNM, Council of Public Prosecutors, Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors, Courts, Constitutional Court, Association of Judges, Chamber Organizations of Lawyers, Notaries, Executors and Mediators.

Indirect target groups: Civil sector, media, citizens of RNM




Advancing the Reforms in the Judiciary – Toward returning the confidence of the citizens in the judicial system