Meetings with representatives from national institutions

Under the project "Monitoring of national actions for combating corruption" in the period between November and December 2021 we had twice, meetings with the representatives from the Cabinet of Deputy Prime Minister for Fight against Corruption, Sustainable Development, and Human Resources to discuss the implementation of the Government Plan “Action 21”. Moreover, we discussed to deepen our collaboration and for that manner, the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister appointed a person with whom we could be in constant communication in order to share all the information relevant for the implementation of the Government Plan and achieved measures.

At the end of December, we had meetings with the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of North Macedonia Mr. Ljubomir Joveski, and the President of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption Ms. Biljana Ivanovska where we discussed sharing information and furthering our collaboration regarding the implementation of the Government Plan “Action 21” and the National Strategy for Prevention of Corruption. Additionally, at both meetings, was agreed to be signed Memorandum of Understanding. The Commission and Public Prosecutor Office agreed to appoint a person who will be responsible for sharing information with the Institute for Human Rights as well as joint representation on conferences, mutual support in raising awareness about corruption through the campaign that will be launched by the Institute for Human Rights.